ProAbono automates

Subscription Billing
for SaaS

Build simple & complex business models with ease.
Automate online subscription, charging, invoicing and customer support.

ProAbono is a SaaS Billing Platform

designed for a seamless integration within your existing information system
so you can focus on doing business while staying in the driver’s seat.
Dedicated Backoffice
to sell with flexibility
and manage your subscribers in real-time.
Integrated User Experience
with a customisable Customer Portal
and an elegant API dedicated to subscription.
Always connected
to your online service and your favorite tools,
thanks to its API-First design.
More than recurring payment
ProAbono is recommended
by payment gateways
Why ? Because Subscription Billing needs way more than recurring payment.
Get in the Driver's Seat

From the backoffice or the API, customize your plans by geographic area, by current, by customer type, by reseller or even by customer or subscription.

Sell with flexibility: create tailor-made subscriptions, temporary test offers in a few clicks, manage each subscription by the feature, all of it without technical assistance. Let your developers focus on their real added value: your service.

Not another CRM

ProAbono is neither a CRM nor an ERP nor a Payment Gateway: it's a smart subscription billing platform. It is designed for a seemless integration into your service. When you need more, its API-First approach gives an incredible flexibility to interact with your favorite SaaS tools.

Integration is way faster than any Payment Gateway and the cleverness of ProAbono saves months of development and refactoring.


“One of the strengths of ProAbono is its support team and its guidance.

Like us, check that the features are suitable for you, and go for it!”

Alexandre ROYET

CEO Logipro

“We have been using ProAbono for more than two years and we are very satisfied.

The team is dynamic and responsive!”


CEO MeilleursBiens

“Well documented API, fast integration, responsive support.
ProAbono is a perfect fit for us to collect our customer subscriptions. The solution was integrated in just a few days.

Everything is going well, I highly recommend this service!”

Benoît WERY

CTO Sociallymap