ProAbono automates payment collection
and billing for your Saas

Outsourcing is a clever choice when your objective is growth. It's even more important if you have a complex business model, tailor-made subscriptions or fast-changing pricing with legacy offers to maintain. ProAbono helps your operational team by performing all the calculations, issuing and sending the invoices and handling payment issues.

Streamline payments

Payment card, Direct Debit or wireless transfer

Each payment method has it own workflow. Card payment is immediate whereas Direct Debit takes days to be confirmed. And a customer unable to pay online adds extra work for your team.

ProAbono streamlines all the payment methods. Everything can be managed in a single interface. Add a new payment method without technical assistance. Define the available payment methods by customer type or by geographical area.

Secured payment

Choose your Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways handle transactions and store the payment methods of your customers. There is a great variety of pricing and capability of each Payment Gateway and the integration can take way more time than expected.

ProAbono integrates the best Payment Gateways so you can choose depending on business criteria and not technical ones. Use as many Payment Gateways as required and change at any time without technical assistance.

Your payment forms are maintained by our teams to ensure conformity with the current regulation.

Available Payment Gateways 

Real-time Billing

Reduce Payment Delays

A lot of companies still use spreadsheets and spend the last days of the month calculating and billing their customers.

ProAbono is designed to bill your customers in real-time, to reduce your time-to-money and prevent the end-of-month stress peak. Any adjustment of a subscription is automatically calculated, displayed to the customer for validation and added to the next invoice.

Dedicated to Recurring Billing

Offers catalogue, subscriptions management and recurring billing: ProAbono is specifically designed to handle all you will ever need to sell online services.

Taxes Calculation

Foreign customers won't be an issue anymore: ProAbono BillingEngine automatically adds the taxes and the legal notices in the issued invoices.

Export Payment and Invoice

Payments and invoices are all exportable, to the line, so you can automatically build your accounting flux and inject it into your accounting solution.