ProAbono automates Online Subscription

Fast-Growing Companies rely on online subscription to sell faster. ProAbono is designed to build an integrated online subscription experience. Complete, Flexible, with in-app Upsale, for a great Customer Purchase Experience in no time.

Offers Catalogue

Adjust pricing in real-time, without technical assistance

As you need a product catalogue to sell physical goods, you need an Offers Catalogue to sell online services. ProAbono Offers Catalogue lets the product manager adjust pricing, build temporary or private offers in total autonomy. No need for a developer, even for complex pricing, like volume pricing, overage or paying option.

Dynamic Pricing Table

Flexibility & Reactivity

To connect ProAbono Offers Catalogue with your pricing page, you can either quickly integrate the built-in customizable pricing table or fetch the offers by API and dynamically build the pricing table into your website.

3 reasons to have a Dynamic Pricing Table

  • 1

    Adjust pricing on-the-fly
  • 2

    Sell in multiple currencies
  • 3

    Display different offers by customer segment

Personalized subscriptions


Single pricing subscription is rarely a good practice for B2B online services and finding the right pricing is complex if your service works with many company sizes. The best way is to let your customers select their own volumes and options. ProAbono lets your customers build the exact subscription that fits their need.

Online payment

More than a decade of experience at your service

Online payment is getting more complex and regulated than ever. Direct Debit does not make things easier. Designed to alleviate the work of your tech team, ProAbono provides and maintains your online payment form. You may hesitate between card payment or Direct Debit… good news is: you can activate whichever you want in a few clicks.

Customer Portal

Automate Customer Support

In every online service there is a ‘Subscription’ or ‘Billing’ section where you can find detail about your subscription, change your payment method, download your invoices, etc. ProAbono provides a fully customizable Customer Portal that you can seemlessly integrate into your service in no time.

The Customer Portal contains all your customers expect from an enterprise-class online service, because this part has to be reliable, comprehensive and reassuring: that’s where they fill-in their payment information.

Self care

A large part of customer care is automated with the ProAbono Customer Portal. In this interface the customer can consult its subscription, adjust its options, download its invocies, update its billing address or payment information. They will not call your Customer Care team for brainless billing requests.
Furthermore, ProAbono can notify your customers as well when a new invoice is available or when an incident requires their attention, so they can fix the issue in total autonomy.