ProAbono automates Subscription Billing for SaaS

The most ambitious companies continuously improve their business process.
ProAbono is a SaaS platform designed to automate the whole billing chain, from online subscription to customer support, including charging and invoicing.

Billing Engine

Supports any business model

ProAbono Pricing Engine calculates subscription's amounts in real-time, no matter how complex your business model. Adjustments are automatically performed for operations like prorated upgrade or downgrade. Taxes are calculated based on known billing information and the current regulation.

  • Variable Billing
  • Consumption-based Billing
  • Paying Options
  • Overage / Volume Discount
  • Upgrade, Options and Usage can be prorated
  • Automated Taxes calculation


Invoices and credits notes in a few clics

ProAbono makes complex tasks easy. It deals with the day to day operations by calculating and sending invoices. It automates the payments issues. It lets you get by 'offline' payment (wire transfer, check, ...) whenever you need it.

  • PDF Invoices automatically sent
  • 1-click refund
  • Cancellation with a credit note
  • Subscription interruption when overdue
  • Offline payment accepted

Revenue collection

Any Currency, by Card or Direct Debit

The best payment gateways are already integrated in ProAbono. Charge for euros, dollars or local currencies. Recoverable payment issues are automatically retried. Card and Direct Debit charges are streamlined so you can supervise everything in the same interface. Finally, ProAbono is designed to minimize the number of transactions with your payment gateways.

  • Card and Direct Debit streamlined
  • All currencies supported
  • Variable amount subscription
  • Payment failure retries
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Payment fees optimized

Customer notifications

Alert your customers & reduce customer care

ProAbono sends invoices to your customers. If payment is automated, then an automatic debit notice will be included in the invoice. In some identified cases of payment issue, a notification is sent as well so the customer can solve the problem on its own.

  • Due or paid invoice sending
  • Payment issues
  • Card expiration
  • Interrupted subscription

Online subscription

Scale-up your customer acquisition

ProAbono helps you to automate online subscription, from the Pricing Table to the Payment. Personalize the customer experience depending on customer type, language or geographical area.

  • Dynamic Pricing Tables
  • Live subscription customization
  • Secure payment form
  • Online Direct Debit mandate signature
  • Select payment methods by country

Customer Portal

Great Customer Experience in no time

The ProAbono Customer Portal automates a lot of customer support by letting your customer manage their subscription and billing information in autonomy. Fully personalizable, it is designed to be integrated seemlessly into your online service.

  • Upgrade / Downgrade
  • Termination
  • Change options
  • Consumption and next billed amount in real-time
  • Download invoices
  • Change billing information
  • Update payment method
  • Online Direct Debit mandate