ProAbono automates Usage-based Billing

Create complex subscriptions in just a few clicks.
Per-seat licence, Consumption, overage or Paying Options ?
ProAbono handles all the calculation and the recurring billing.

Variable billing

Compose your tailor-made business model

In addition to the fixed subscription fee (monthly, yearly, ...), the upfront and the termination fees, you can add variable fees.

Freely compose your Subscription Offers by adding as many Paying Options, Volume and Consumption Metrics as you need: ProAbono cleverly handles all the calculations.

Volume-based billing

The ideal pricing for most SaaS
The subscription pricing depend on a volume. That's the most common model for B2B SaaS as it works with any company sizes.
  • Works with any volume type
  • Volume discount available
  • Overage possible
  • Proratable mid-period adjustment

Consumption-based Billing

Ideal for freemium and Pay-as-you-Go
The amount of the subscription depends on the customer's monthly usage. That's the ideal business model to bill a consumed duration, a data volume or any consumable.
  • Works with any volume type
  • Type and data units handled
  • Volume discount available
  • Overage possible
  • Billed monthly, even for yearly subscriptions

Paying options

Efficient upsale
The amount of the subscription depends on the active options. This model increases acquisition by reducing the initial subscription fee.
  • Works with any kind of recurring option
  • Proratable mid-period activation

Tiered Pricing

Billed amount decreases smoothly

The quantity related to a given tier is priced at the rate of that tier, which smoothens the pricing when volume changes.

This model helps to reduce the number of offers by adapting the pricing from smaller to large volumes. It's the ideal pricing to reassure over-thinking customers because the pricing is always adapted to its usage.

  • Compatible with volume-based billing and consumption-based billing
  • Avoid all the issues of straight volume-pricing

Automated or Semi-Automated Invoicing

Manual or by API ?
ProAbono calculates all the pricing, but you have to choose if you want the whole process fully-automated or if you let an operator fill-in the quantities each month. Want to start simple ? Sure. Switch at any time when you are ready to go to the next level.

Each volume or option can be:

  • Controled by API in ‘full-auto’ mode
  • Changed by the customer* using the Customer Portal
  • Filled by your team in the ProAbono interface

* with the exception of Consumption